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Overview presentation for the PROCAB project

Posted: Tuesday 31 July 2007

PROCAB (Conception et Validation de systèmes de PROtection de CABines de Conduite Ferroviaires intégrant les aspects biomécaniques en cas de crash) is a 36-months project of a cost of 4,06 M¤.

The project seeks for three major goals :

1 To acquire numerical modeling means adapted to rail to be able to predict the drivers comportment in case of a crash, and injuries related (to include biomechanics in numerical modeling);
2 To acquire means of testing and measuring adapted to rail to be able to perform biomechanical tests;
3 To investigate, to develop and to validate means of protection on the driver's desk / in the cab to minimize injuries to the driver.

Bombardier Transportation France is the leader of the project. BT is supported by two partners : LAMIH and Stratiforme.

LAMIH (Laboratoire d'Automatique, de Mécanique, et d'Informatique industrielles et Humaines) is a laboratory of Université de Valenciennes (UVHC). Professors of LAMIH are experts in crash tests for the automobile industry.

Stratiforme's activities consist in the implementation of thermosetting plastics in four sectors : railways, military, building trade and industry. Stratiforme will provide the driver's desks for testing.

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